Personal Injury

Bill Hardman handles injury claims arising out of motor vehicle wrecks, physical assaults, and premises liability.  We have extensive experience obtaining and evaluating the collectability of damages, including available insurance coverages.  We generally handle these cases on a contingent fee.

Wrongful Death

We handle death claims against individuals, corporations, and county and city governments as a result of deaths caused by law enforcement officers.  We have access to the experts needed to prove liability and the value of the decedent's life.  We generally handle these cases on a contingent fee.

Divorce, Custody, Contempt

Bill Hardman has extensive experience in handling divorce, custody, child support property division, alimony, modifications, contempt, adoption, mediation, domestic violence, temporary hearings, non-jury and jury trials in domestic relations matters. 

Criminal Defense

Bill Hardman has experience handling the defense of a wide variety of criminal charges, including DUI, drug cases, theft, and homicide.  He has appeared as appointed counsel in the Northeastern Judicial Circuit, Solicitor of the Juvenile Court of Hall County, and as private defense counsel, handling plea negotiation, motions, trials, and appeals. We generally handle these cases for a flat fee.   

Medical Malpractice and Professional Liability

Bill Hardman has experience prosecuting claims against doctors and lawyers for malpractice.  Due to the expense of handling these cases caused by protections afforded defendants by "tort reform" and due to the strenuous defense put up by the defendant's insurance companies, these cases must be carefully evaluated.  It is only feasible to handle those cases with liability and damage facts that justify the cost of proceeding.


Bill Hardman has tried hundreds of cases in front of judges and juries in  20 counties across Georgia. 

Insurance -  Bill Hardman sues insurance companies to obtain benefits owed to clients under their policies.  We handle claims for fires, life insurance, health insurance, and automobile insurance.  We have experience evaluating the fine print in policies and researching the law on the specialized issues and defenses raised by the insurance companies.     

Construction - Bill Hardman has experience prosecuting and defending claims defects in construction of homes and commercial building and pursuing these claims to a conclusion either through mediation, binding arbitration, or trials.  We generally handle these cases on an hourly rate against a retainer 

Contracts -  Many contested issues arise over contracts, whether written or oral, such as employment agreements, shareholder agreements, business partnerships, sale and purchase agreements of goods, vehicles, and real estate, homeowner association disputes, and finance agreements.  The principles of law related to contracts require research and familiarity with the principles that apply to each type of case, both as to liability and damages.  


Real Estate - Bill Hardman has experience trying land line disputes, issues over easement and private ways, equitable partition of property, tenant and landlord liability, and dispossessory claims.    

Will Disputes

Bill Hardman has experience prosecuting and defending claims over the validity and interpretation of wills, and the liability of executors and administrators.  We generally handle these cases on an hourly rate against a retainer.  


Bill Hardman  handles Chapter 7 bankruptcies as well as the prosecution and defense of adversary claims.  We use the bankruptcy law to protect our clients from the claims of creditors, especially banks and credit card companies.  We want to help our clients maximize their exemptions with the goal of keeping as much of their property as possible and getting rid of all dischargeable debts.